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Join us in Europe in the Summer of 2017! We will travel to Spain, France, & Italy. There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday 9/14 on campus in room B-1. For more information, please email Mrs. Alexandria Arguelles at aarguelles@ndhsriverside.org


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60 years as Riversides Catholic High School

Notre Dame is celebrating 60 years as Riversides Catholic high school, preparing students for...

Notre Dame's ASB participated in the American Cancer Society's 2016 Relay for Life in Riverside over the weekend. Over 49 teams and 655...

Head Football Coach Derrick Johnson was one of 30 Inland Empire area coaches and athletes who participated in the 2016 ...

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Upcoming Events

Parents Guild

The Notre Dame Parent's Guild is a great opportunity for parents interested in getting involved with campus events and activities. Parents involved have helped at events such as: Teacher Appreciation Week, Parent-Discussion Panels and more. If you are interested in joining our Parent's Guild, please keep in touch through this page or email parentsguild@ndhsriverside.org  

Alumni Corner

Don't miss out on a chance to win 52 bottles of wine for a $50 raffle ticket!

Winner is selected by elimination from a 52 card deck. 

The prize is 52 bottles of wine. 

One card (or one chance) is $50.  Chances go up to $60 after Oct. 6, 2016.  

Once our 52 cards are gone, you “won’t have a chance” to win.